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The 'Anteres' Journal

Aliens came to earth and then returned back to their own planet and wrote on their journal:

After we travelled from planet Abydos near Anteres, about one hundred sixty nine thousand light years distance in nineteen days journey, suddenly we passed a small tiny blue planet called earth, with habitat and some high rise buildings, some parts of the planet are black, white, yellow, etc. There are three big islands; it’s the largest one is consist of three parts are Asia, Africa and Europe, the second larges island is America and the smallest one is Australia. There are few big islands but are covered with very thick ice. Another very interesting discovery is that this planet has several clusters of islands called archipelago, which are called Japan, Caribbean, the Philippines, and Indonesia. The rest of the islands are too small to count.

They still try to explode some atomic bomb to test their capability on producing energy.  They just started to learn about us and their technology is very outdated and now they started to experiment with some rocket launches, small guns, etc. They do not have large energy source like we do. Their fastest super jet is very slow just like our technology millions of years ago!

The planet looks very bluish from a distance and when we zoom in there are actually green trees, deserts, icy locations and vast ocean water. Our radar said that the quality of the water is salty for large lakes and unsalted for the smaller lakes. The greenery is really depending on the unsalted water. I noticed if there is unsalted water around there are trees but if there is none, no tree grows.  In the big lake there are plants that can live in the salted water and they live together with fishes. Their animals are completely different between in the unsalted water and salted water. All the inhabitants of this planet depend on oxygen - they cannot live without this gas. Unlike us we can adjust our consumption of any gases. They have a nose that can breathe to take in the oxygen unlike us in our planet; we are luckier we have far more advanced technology that we can discover this young planet. They will need at least another 2½ million years more to develop their skills and experiments to have such technology like we do. We cannot help them because they will not easily understand our language and our thinking.

About the image above: Unsalted water lake, Aswan-Egypt

The main inhabitant has two legs, two hands; head, body and mouth similar to us, but their faces are uglier. We are much prettier and smarter, far more, cannot be compared. Some of them started to study about us. They said we are so ugly with funny faces; sometime they draw us like something that is unthinkable. We understand because they really do not know about us very much. They called our spacecrafts as UFO or unidentified flying object because they really have no clue about this matter when they see our crafts moving so fast in a split second and disappear from their view, by just a twinkling of an eye!

The smartest among the creatures of this planet is called human. About 1-2 meters tall, some are shorter and others are taller. The humans are the ruler of this planet. They cover their body with some sort of a wrapper with variety of colors, and the design is matching and fitting their bodies. They have groups of people living in every block they called house. There are two kinds of humans in this planet - one is masculine and the other is feminine.  Sometimes they are together in one room, touching each other, kissing and they are doing something that will make more humans for the next generation. We do not have in our planet activities like this. In this planet they have no cloning system for human. They do not design the human, but they produce the human so, I think, this will make human really slow in achieving the technology because the genes they have are almost the same. Unlike with us, our robot is more cleaver than this. I saw in the city, everybody has a machine, a small machine; sometimes they are talking and typing something. Our recorder said this is type of communication they have called wireless telephone using signal; we use microchips to do the same without carrying a small machine. Also they have bigger machine with screen, everybody use this in their place as well as outside along the street. I also recorded these kinds of activities. Most of the human creatures are writing by typing something on a piece of board with lettering, sometimes they stop typing, then continue again, maybe they think of something or some new ideas on what they want to write. But this machine is very slow, they spend lot of time to see things in front of this machine, they called computer. I tried to read all of their activities online for the entire planet and I spent only 4 to 5 seconds to study the information that are kept in their secret storage and all of their information has been copied in my extra space box. Few of the humans are smarter than the others. However, in some places they still have some groups of human who do not know how to read or write even a single letter!  

Here in this planet, the humans divide their territories with some borders called country. From the information I got, there are about 196 countries that divide this small planet recently. Some countries are rich and some are not so rich so they fight for their prosperities, which is for us not really good for their development. Among countries sometimes they are against each other. This is a small planet and why they are fighting? They should unite together, hand in hand, solve their problems and in the future, follow new system toward a new world order through friendship and brotherhood. Our planet near the Anteres star, consists of two big planets but we are just one nation, and we never fight each other, because killing is not allowed in our culture. We have love but in different way. We love our own kind, we love our generation and if we need some more population, we clone ourselves. In our planet, love does not mean physical attraction only but love to our God that created us through extra advanced technology and obedience in His command to keep our planet alive. In our planet we have no other countries, because we are only one nation, all are created equal – giving equal opportunities to all.

I saw human pray for, I think, their God in many ways. They have many ways of expressing their sense of believing to their God, but in our planet all of us are in the same path. I think the God of the humans and our God are the same one because we are still in the same universe.

The inhabitants of the earth still use some paper or card to do transaction amongst them. We do not use this system since a very long time. They trade and think what to produce to sell to other human beings. It was not so practical for me to see this activity. It will not be possible to do so in our planet.

 About the image above: Man private taxi

About the image above: Women, free WiFi
and Happy Hour

Humans sometimes take their cloth and go the unsalted water to wash their body to refresh and then later they put some sort of liquid fragrant but I could not smell anything from that.

Eating Habits
Human kills other creature and eat their flesh. Horrible! Why they kill their animals and hang them in their shop to sell. They are milking their animal and drink the milk. They are eating flesh, they catch creature from the big salted water lake and unsalted water lake, kill them and then they prepare to eat them. They also grow vegetables, fruits, grains, etc. They sustain their source of food doing this traditionally since many generations ago. In our planet we do not kill our animals; we do not eat the animal flesh. We do not milk our animal and drink the milk; this is not good. The animal milk is for animal not for us.

 About the image above: Eating place called restaurant at Hansar Samui

We have a sustainable source of food in our planet. We produce our food by using our technology; we eat when we need food in tablets, which contains very precise calories and enough nutrients for a certain period of time. If we travel we will eat our food once and never eat again until we come back. We do not waste our food. We eat as much energy we want and we calculate first before we eat so we will not gain weight like humans. We can create anything we want through our intuitive power, work on it - we focus our thinking to manifest the things we want to have - and suddenly they will appear in front of our eyes, just like that.

They also have beverage that are inside the bottles, the clear ones called water and some with colors like colas, sodas, juices, cocktails and some of their drinks have strong ingredients inside with strong flavor called alcoholic drinks. All of these beverages are not suitable for us since we do not drink these kinds of liquid drinks. Our drinks are in the tablets that prevent us from becoming thirsty and keep the liquid in our body system. Our drinks contain no alcohol or preservative materials.

They built some place to sleep, to walk around; they built their houses in tall buildings especially in the most populated area like main cities and sub cities. Some houses do not look good. I pass the cities in America, Asia, and Europe all are having tall buildings, but some very small place and look ugly. But also they have group of humans staying in that small houses. Some of the houses look very good and tidy and some of the houses look very dirty, you will never imagine how this human sleep together with the other creatures of the planet. In our planet all of our houses are very advanced and transparent it will appear if we need it and we can adjust it, as we want to. Our life is easier than the human life on earth.

About the image above: Houses in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

 About the image above: transportation in front of 
Dewa Ruci statue in Bali, Indonesia

Planet earth transportation systems with very old style, still using polluted petrol to move their cars and long cars called train. And they have a big car that can fly; this is a bit faster than the car that they drive on the road. They also have many other kinds of transportation. Smaller craft that can also fly called helicopter but not many of them use this kind. They have two-wheelers; three-wheelers or even there is a car with two-wheelers without a machine. The funny thing is they also use animal to transport things and for their pleasure. This does not make sense to me. How come they use animal? So old style, even nobody will remember when was the last time that we used animal.

In one area, there are groups of human running around with other humans with a round thing called ball, they kicked and run again to chase the ball. Every time one human get the ball, he will kick and run again. So funny why do human waste their time to do funny thing like this? And many more humans are watching around and say some words, sing something and every time the ball is kicked to the other end of the land, the human who has the chance to kick the ball very hard to the striped net, and not caught by the human who is standing there, then all of the humans watching will make a lot of noise.

In every house they have flat screen and can give a nice human picture like our holographic video for the past millions of generations. Some story is easy to understand by human. Many choices of destination on this screen called television and the destination on the screen called channels.

I have visited some places with many tall buildings, some with very old style. In Cambodia I saw many old ruins from long before; in Egypt human built pyramids, many old buildings; in Jordan, human keep cutting the rock to carve their art; in Indonesia, human build pyramid called Borobudur; in Paris, human built a metal tower called Eiffel; in Arab, human built very high buildings but in America most of the houses are tall. It took about 2-3 seconds to travel around this planet. The planet has two poles covered with thick ice where the funny creatures live. Some of these creatures are with two feet and four feet. The temperature there is very low compared to the centerline of the earth. Some of the places still have no inhabitant and covered with large greeneries such as in the islands of Indonesia and South America. In the other parts of the planet, in the area called Africa, the human color is mostly black; they look very strong. I also found some black color of human in the islands of the Caribbean and some parts of Australia and Indonesia. They all seem to be good human.

 About the image above: Great pyramids at Giza, Egypt

 About the image above: Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia

 About the image above: Bridge in Thailand

In one place with long walls, they speak different language and difficult to understand, the sky of this place has lots of black air called carbon dioxide gas and much polluted. So many human I saw in this place with smaller eyes compared to those I found in America and Europe with more white skin and deep big eyes. From the information I have this place is called China. I also passed to the next place after China called Russia. Humans here are nice and again speak in different language. They drink a lot because it is very cold so they drink something very strong to keep their body warm. Then I saw the large falling water near America with huge rocks called mountain. The falling water called Niagara Waterfall. I visited the waterfall in the planet Swazina last time but this falls is very big and the waters continue falling - God’s creation and He can do whatever He wants.

After touring I will finish my writing for this journal because I also have eighty-five reports and forty other discoveries to present to the Highest House from my traveler on searching for new planet.

I noted here some of the human words in different languages:

I love you (English) – Ti Amo (Italy) – Te Amo (Spanish) – Je t’Aime (French)
Mahal Kita (Filipino) – Ik Hau van Je (Dutch) – Ich Liebe Dich (German) – Eu Ti Amo (Portuguese) – Wo Ai Ni (Chinese) – Aku Cinta Kamu (Indonesia) – Tộy Yêu Bạn (Vietnamese)
Ana Baeb Bek (Arabic) – Ego Amare (Latin) – Bong Srelaen Urn (Khmer)

Thank you very much for reading! 
Danke!Mercie!Gracias!Terima Kasih!Orkun!Sukriya!
Sukran!Salamat!Say Say Ni!Cảm O’n!Suksma!

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