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Love Story of Yuya and Tuyu

In the most private chamber of KV46 was found the last resting place for these two lovers laid up in the glamorous valley of the tombs decorated with the finest paintings, gold, silver, precious stones, other treasures and of course wrapped together in the elixir of love. The tomb is located in the Valley of the Kings, in the west of the River Nile, Luxor, Egypt. KV46 is betweenKV3 (Ramesses III) and KV4 (Ramesses XI).

Once upon a time when there was a young boy in the kingdom who later will be heralded as the king. He was a smart boy and willing to learn a lot just about anything. His father was holding a high position as a military chief or lieutenant of very prestigious post. As the boy became a young man, he then led the 18th dynasty of the ancient Egypt delta circa 1390 B.C. His name was Yuya (or yuy, Yiay, Yaya, Yuyu, Yiya or Iouiya)

About the image above: Mawa holding an obelisk in front of Nubian museum

As a teenager, he enjoyed riding a horse, to enjoy countryside with beautiful scenery or sail on the Nile River to marvel at the splendor of the sunset. One day while he was walking around the kingdom, he was astounded seeing the most exquisite beauty of a girl, she came from a noblemen family. They became friends and later fall in love with each other. The girl was named Tuyu (or Tjuyu or Thuy, Thuyu or Toiuiyou).

Soon after a marriage ceremony for the two lovers was held in the kingdom, with a huge banqueting celebration for several days, along with performances, music, ceremonies and festivals. The royal family invited many royalties, nobles and most of the people in the kingdom to witness the initial days of the royal wedding.

When the right time came, Yuya was ready to become the ruler of ancient Egypt, a boy from the city of Akhmin, one of the most powerful pharaohs for the 18th dynasty, side by side with his lovely queen Tuyu.

Beside having a pharaoh title, they were also known with the titles as shown below:

Name             : Yuya
Spouse           : Tuyu
Title                : Master of Horse
                          His Majesty’s Lieutenant Commander of Charioty
                          Father of the God
                          Priest of Min
                          Overseer the cattle of Min
                          Lord of Akhmin
Religion         : Ancient Egyptian Religion
Children        : Tiye, Anen and Ay
Relatives        : Akhenaten (grandson)
                          Tutankhamun (great grandson)

Name             : Tuyu
Spouse           : Yuya
Tittle               : Mother of Great Royal Wife
                          Chief of the Harem of Min
                          Chanters of Hathor
                          Priestess of Amen
                          Chief of the Harem of Amen
Religion         : Ancient Egyptian Religion
Children        : Tiye, Anen and Ay
Relatives        : Akhenaten (grandson)

The couple ruled ancient Egypt peacefully and under their reign, this country has remarkable achievement in the development of arts, music and cultures. He ordered to make beautiful masks for his wife and for himself. Until one day they decided to meet again one more time in the buried chamber, the most secret resting abode, number KV46, the same romantic room where they kept their love forever, even in the afterlife.

About the image above: Probably Yuya coffin with his mask

About the image above: Scarab and other scripts on the head of the coffin

It was one of the earlier Egyptologist Theodore M. Davis who did the survey and excavation here in the valley for several years, since the early 1900 and discovered few of the tombs, until sometime on February 6, 1905 he found the very high-status of burial chamber of Yuya and Tuyu.  Since a modern Egyptologist opened the tomb for the very first time, it took a few days to clear and enter the tomb.

From this tomb, many of the precious objects, valuable religious symbols were found and it was said that probably it has been robbed once as the chamber was opened earlier to bury Tuyu’s body, at the same sarcophagus.

This sacred chamber is a validation of their sincere, genuine, faithful and solemn pledge of love with one another that continued even until the afterlife.

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