Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Staircase of the Archipelago

You come from where I come from
You live where I live in

You do what others do not do
You see what others do not see

You inhale fresh breath and exhale the dirty air
You bring something new to the world

You build our country
You build bridges, roads, ports, factories

You build character, mental revolution
You build everything at the same time

You encourage us to be clean
You encourage us to be honest

About the image above: Ulun Danu Temple - Bali

Your introduce door to door blusukan
You travel to everywhere from Sabang to Madura
From Kalimantan to Irian Jaya, from Bali to Arafura
To everywhere in the Nusantara

People knows your nickname better than your real name
You are Jokowi
You are Joko Widodo
You are our beloved president

And today is 21 June 2017 – It is your special day
I wish you happy birthday Mr. President

 You are always in our heart, God protect you always

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