Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mawanusa Blog: When I Dream

Mawanusa Blog: When I Dream: What is the true meaning of my dream? I stayed for three nights at the resort in Mauritius, Outrigger Hotel. And last night was the la...

When I Dream

What is the true meaning of my dream?

I stayed for three nights at the resort in Mauritius, Outrigger Hotel. And last night was the last night I stayed and I really have very good sleep after too much food at its finest dining room; The Plantation.

Weaved the night, watched TV then in a minute I just felt in very deep sleep. I did not remember the moment of when I really felt asleep and how was it.

In my sleeping, I dreamt! This time my dream was really a bit strange that this dream is absolutely out of nowhere. I dreamt that I took my village peoples to travel to the moon surface. It was absolutely strange. When I had a dream, usually I search what is the meaning of my dream. As this time I also search online but it was not appear as right one.

About the image above: full moon image take from Bali 2016
Yes, it is many dreams meaning for our lovely moon like dream of seeing full moon, dream of moon eclipse, eat a moon, crescent moon, etc. none of the site explained the meaning of traveling and landing on the moon soil.

A day before this dream come to my sleep, I commented to a friend’s post on Facebook about an entrance temple in Kamphong Thom, it was Sombo Prey Kok temple (Mawa Wayan /react-text react-text: 218 /react-text You enter this door, you will transfer to Mars in a second Loven Ramos travel to avoid time and space).

Without concerning on this comment, since I woke up this morning I tried to figure out, analyze and search the meaning of my dream. I told my very own dream to Mrs. Mougam in Floreal near Trou Aux Cerfs (She dedicated her days to pray to Shiva and follows the path of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami). She told me that the meaning of my dream is probably something good will comes to me in the near future. That is great thing, I am happy to hear that explanation, I will wish to have good dream and probably dream come true. But in my mind I still wanted to know the meaning of that particular dream with many of symbols and hidden meanings and spiritual paths for my future.

In my dream
“Traveled to the moon with many villagers and explained to the villagers about the moon and why we are here! The villagers (some faces which I knew) look so happy and communicate with so well. Travel to the mood in a day trip, come back to the planet earth in the evening”.

Analyzes of my dream

The travel: there are two points when we travel are beginning of the journey and the end of the journey. In this case the beginning of my (our) journey is planet earth, go to the moon and come back safely to the earth. Travel means it is not staying in one point, it is moving from one point to the other point within a no limit space.

Space: when we travel we have distant filled with space. In this space, during traveling, we will find many things, including positive and un-positive things, negative and un-negative things, good and un-good things, bad and un-bad things, useful and un-useful things, faithful and un-faithful things, clean and un-clean things, dirty and un-dirty things, true and un-true, false and un-false, etc.  Space in unlimited, boundless but in traveling we have a distant to be fill in.

Time: in traveling we need time, unless we do an astral journey without time and space. In this amazing dream journey we still need time. Time is where the phenomenon that witness of the motion from sunrise to another sunrise. From the journey of my dream; the journey from the planet earth, moon and back to planet earth. It is also our illusion of before, now and after.

‘People like us who believe in physics know that the distinction between the past, the present and the future is only stubbornly persistent illusion. (Albert Einstein)

Beginning point: planet earth is my beginning journey in my dream. It is symbolizing my hometown, my room, my bed, my place in where I live in, where I grow up, where I eat, where I breath, in where that very important to me in my daily life. Without planet earth I will never be able to live, never be able to dream like this.

The Destination point: it is the moon, symbolizing the emerging beauty, the high, and the elegant and to power the earth at night with it soft gentle lighting. The moonlight is romantic, it is touching to everybody heart, it is lovely.

The villagers: symbolizing society that needs guidance. It is natural, not modern life. No interruption while talking and respect each other.

Good conversation: symbolizing the interaction with others naturally in very elegant manner without obstruction.

Vehicle: symbolizing the tool, how we reach the goals.

One day travel: symbolizing the achievement in very short period of time.


The meaning of my dream probably I will travel to where I dream to travel to, I will meet with many peoples that need guidance from me and for that I will definitely need to sacrifice some of my time for them to explain gently like the moonlight. I will meet interesting peoples, in a perfect lovely time and I will be able to fulfill my desire of what I desire for through the time and space that illusionist my past toward this day and to prepare my return to the future (planet earth).