Saturday, April 2, 2011

Roasted Suckling Pig

Is a tradition – in various parts of this world that I have visited – Puerto Rico, Bali, the Philippine and now Cambodia. Clock wisely, the way to prepare or cook whole carcass of this large piece of pig in some part there are similarity.

Only baby piglets are suitable for this tenderly cooked meat, charcoal or firewood is used to roast the meat, local spices and herb paste is applied before cooking the piglets, deliciously prepared dipping sauces are served for the meat and variety of condiments also to be prepared to compliment the dish.

In Puerto Rico, this piglet is prepared for the special party or gathering,

In Bali called ‘Babi Guling’ which prepared for an offering but nowadays is available as a delicacy everywhere in this Island of Gods.

In the Philippine is called Lechon Baboy as we can easily found in every corner of the roadside, street or even in special restaurant throughout the country. 

In Cambodia is called ‘Chrook Kwey’, mostly is prepared for the offering at the temple or simply as part of the menu at dinner table.

I believe that we can found this technique of preparing suckling piglets in many part of this planet that I have never been visited. 

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