Wednesday, August 5, 2015

God's Particles

Imagine: if you can see God!
Think: what will you say when talking to God privately?

God’s particles: electrons, protons, neutrons!
It’s considering subatomic particles
Do you believe?

About the image above: God's particles in the chill seeds

About the image above: Hathor's crown of Egypt

God is almighty. Still unthinkable!
No facebook friends can describe!
Or subscribes scientists can capture Him!

If you can…!
Maybe not Him
It is a beginning as well as the end at the same time

About the image above: Pumpkin soup also has God's particles

About the image above: White asparagus 

This is His Greatness
This is His Exaltedness
This is His Uniqueness
This is His Majesty
This is His Glory

About the image above: Goldie's, colour infrared photography

He is incomparable
He is God of the universe
He is more than just particles

(A poet taken from the 'Virtues of the Modern World' by Wayan Mawa)

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