Friday, August 7, 2015

Leap Second

It is an extra second
It is longer time in another second
To add some other options
Of the world’s rotation
And time equation

About the image above: texting before leap second

About the image above: cabling lights

About the image above: Wat Phnom at night, Phnom Penh

For human to make better decisions
To create and fulfill ambitions
Of culture and knowledge of innovations

Mean solar time
Time keeping
International atomic clock
Ticking to keep us in the loop block

How you will spend your extra second
Invite friend? Drink champagne! Attend a cooking class?

The Watcher from Mount Hermon
Or the Tenjur and Kanjur from Tibet
Or Rukma Vimana
Operation High Jump
New Broad of Nephilin

Noted at: 30 June 2015 at 23.59.60

From the compilation of poetry ‘ Virtues of the Modern World’ by Wayan Mawa

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